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"From first radio communication until last prep hauled down", radioed the Admiral, "the smartness, efficiency, and initiative of your ship and crew were impressive--well done. Several days later, CACAPON co­ordinated and provided services for underway replenishment training of several units of the Republic of Korea Navy off Chinhae.  "Well done", wrote ComNavForKorea, and, added COMSERVRON THREE, "this ex­cellent performance reflects credit not only on CACAPON, but on Task Force SEVENTY THREE and the U.S. SEVENTH Fleet." CACAPON had thus started out her service "on the line" in a fashion befitting an out­standing oiler.

But this was only the beginning. There were yet some hurdles to surmount. A gyro casualty sustained shortly after leaving Sasebo on 28 March to fuel the RANGER temporarily jeopardized the ship's ability to meet her commitment. An anxious night of checking and testing re­vealed the cause of the difficulty. The malfunction was rectified well in advance of the fueling, and CACAPON was able to return to Sasebo on the last day of the month with the satisfaction of "mission accomplished".

CACAPON remained in Sasebo until 16 April and then steamed for a replenishment, of BON HOMME RICHARD and several destroyers; on the 18th, she anchored in Buckner Bay where the first swim call in several years, and one of many to come was held. Underway again on 21 April for Sasebo, CACAPON refueled Task Unit 77.5 enroute, hoisting her familiar "find them, fuel them, forget them" house flag which inspired the Carrier Task Group Commander to comment at the completion of the ex­ercise that "you found us and fueled us, but we hope you don't forget us cause we like your style".

At this point in the tour, the schedule called for a week in Hong Kong but instead, CACAPON was assigned the task of one of her disabled sister ships - to provide logistic support for the amphibious exercise SEA TURTLE conducted in Korean waters.  For her services in this ex­ercise, CACAPON received a "well done" from Commander Task Force 74. On 2 May, she set her course for Subic Bay to undergo a long awaited administrative inspection by PONCHATOULA on 13 and 14 May.  The re­sults of this inspection would be heavily weighted toward the final evaluation of the ship at the end of the fiscal year.

An overall grade of "excellent" was assigned, and the Chief In­spector, Commanding Officer PONCHATOULA, wrote that "CACAPON is well ahead of her sister ships in cleanliness, maintenance, excellence of organization and other factors covered by administrative inspections... I suspect", he added, "that CACAPON is the outstanding (AO-22) class oiler in PacFleet".  There were others who remarked upon the appearance of the ship.  "Come again soon", said COMNAVBASE SUBIC as the ship was leaving on 15 April. "Your ship and crew presented a very smart appearance."; .    . .

With all these kudos being lavishly bestowed on the ship, she met her next two replenishments, separated by two lays in Buckner Bay,

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