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Mountaineering in the Andes


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Pre-Columbian Ascents

The climbing history of the Andes is remarkable for the considerable number of ascents now known to have been made by the Incas and various Indian tribes before the arrival of Europeans. They climbed peaks as high as 6700 metres and constructed shelters on or near the summits, which were used as signal stations and for sacrificial purposes. The first recorded discoveries were made in 1884 and 1886 when stone constructions, bundles of wood, statuettes and ornaments were discovered on Licancabur. The biggest peak on which Indian remains have so far been found high up is Llullaillaco, and the extent of the constructions indicates that it must have been a most important mountain for the Atacameñans and the Incas. Remains have been found on numerous peaks in the northern Andes of Chile and Argentina and in other ranges. Antonio Beorchia is one of the foremost Argentine mountain archaeologists; Johan Reinhard is another expert.

In 1954 a group of local arrieros uncovered on Cerro Plomo, in the Chilean Cordillera Central near Santiago, the mummy of a twelve year-old boy complete with statuettes, feather head-dress, bracelets and wool bags, the victim of a sacrifice made some 450 years earlier. A similar find was made ten years later on Cerro El Toro in northern Argentina. Another Inca mummy was found on Aconcagua in 1985, although not very near the top. For climbers, perhaps the most intriguing question arising out of these discoveries is whether the Indians ever reached the summit of Aconcagua. The discovery in 1947, on the summit ridge, of the body of a guanaco hints at the possibility. Mario Fantin’s book, Le Ande, contains a chronological summary of archaeological expeditions.

Peaks on which archaeological remains have been found are indicated by † in the peak lists.

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colour illustrations of artefacts.


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