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#region and #endregion, which are used to explicitly mark sections of source code (§‎2.5.6).

A pre-processing directive always occupies a separate line of source code and always begins with a # character and a pre-processing directive name. White space may occur before the # character and between the # character and the directive name.

A source line containing a #define, #undef, #if, #elif, #else, #endif, or #line directive may end with a single-line comment. Delimited comments (the /* */ style of comments) are not permitted on source lines containing pre-processing directives.

Pre-processing directives are not tokens and are not part of the syntactic grammar of C#. However, pre-processing directives can be used to include or exclude sequences of tokens and can in that way affect the meaning of a C# program. For example, when compiled, the program:

#define A #undef B

class C { #if A void F() {} #else void G() {} #endif

#if B void H() {} #else void I() {} #endif }

results in the exact same sequence of tokens as the program:

class C { void F() {} void I() {} }

Thus, whereas lexically, the two programs are quite different, syntactically, they are identical.

2.5.1 Conditional compilation symbols

The conditional compilation functionality provided by the #if, #elif, #else, and #endif directives is controlled through pre-processing expressions (§‎2.5.2) and conditional compilation symbols.

conditional-symbol: Any identifier-or-keyword except true or false

A conditional compilation symbol has two possible states: defined or undefined. At the beginning of the lexical processing of a source file, a conditional compilation symbol is undefined unless it has been explicitly defined by an external mechanism (such as a command-line compiler option). When a #define directive is processed, the conditional compilation symbol named in that directive becomes defined in that source file. The symbol remains defined until an #undef directive for that same symbol is processed, or until the end of the source file is reached. An implication of this is that #define and #undef directives in one source file have no effect on other source files in the same program.

When referenced in a pre-processing expression, a defined conditional compilation symbol has the boolean value true, and an undefined conditional compilation symbol has the boolean value false. There is no

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