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 Summary of 3rd Asphalt Shingles Recycling ForumAs of 12-18-2007

“Asbestos is not an issue in new factory rejects.” “Asbestos can be an issue in tear off shingles

Metals and PAH’s are not a concern if there is no (viable) pathway of exposure.

“Nothing would be deemed to be a “RCRA hazardous waste” in shingles.”

Mike Clapham, Natural Resource Canada (NRC) “Recycling Roofing Materials in Canada”

613-992-4404; MClapham@nrcan.gc.ca


NRC is developing policies, programs and recycling incentives for a wide variety of construction & demolition (C&D) materials.

This presentation based on outcomes of the February 2007 Workshop in Toronto and the resulting report, Enhancing the Recovery of End-of-Life Roofing Materials: An Implementation Plan by Goodfellow Agricola Consultants Inc., March 2007; plus the preceding report Enhanced Recovery of Roofing Materials by Athena Sustainable Materials Institute, January 2007.

Green house gas (GHG) emissions reductions and carbon equivalents were calculated for a variety of C&D recyclables:

If 5 percent of all HMA production in Canada used RAS, 90,000 million tonnes of CO2 of emissions would be avoided

Screened asphalt shingles have same heat value as coal

Recycling applications must be economically viable

$450 per tonne for virgin asphalt

$65 per tonne for cement kiln coal

The products need to add value to the application in question

Must minimize risk associated with introducing materials into an application

Pricing structure of recycled material must be in proportion with other end-of-life options

Market development policy options identified include:

Eliminate cheap landfill options, possibly introduce landfill bans

Need to build acceptance for new applications, ensure consistency and quality of recycled material

Need to overcome the perception that shingles are a waste – RAS is a valuable resource

Marketing initiatives and the sharing of best practices

Regulations and policies should be designed to drive changes in behavior and practices

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