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are not adequate sources for the paper.  (Please keep Internet sources to a minimum unless they are also published)

C.  Follow the guidelines for organization, grammar, syntax, and style laid out in my short handouts very attentively.

PUAD 700Dr. Brack Brown


Below is a list of possible topics.  There are many other issues, policy problems, etc. that involve important ethical questions.  You may be interested perhaps in administrative corruption, regulatory practices, questionable leadership, or foreign aid decisions or practices.  Please note too that the list below does not distinguish between questions of ethical means and ethical ends, nor between internal operations of P.A. vs external policies.  All are relevant.

In selecting your topic be sure you are dealing with ethical matters that fall within the sphere of authority/action of public agencies and involve real choice problems for appointed managers, professions, or technicians.  Do not confuse your main subject, ethics in P.A., with problems that are strictly matters of policy, politics, and law.  Each of these could be a major dimension of your subject, but the dimensions for emphasis should be administrators’ choices, behavior, structure, function, attitudes, etc. How do any of these issues pose dilemmas to administrators?

Any subject chosen should be one that is feasible in terms of research materials, access, and the due date for the paper.  You should not commence in-depth research until you have received approval from the instructor.  

1.Life and Death Issues:  War, arms sales, torture, handguns, sterilization, euthanasia, life extension, research subjects, etc..

2.Environment-Ecology Issues:  Land use, pollution, hazardous materials, animal rights, endangered species, wilderness protection, sprawl control, nuclear and other waste disposal

3.Sexual Issues: Pornography, sex education, harassment, stalking, homosexual issues, nude beaches, vice entrapment, sex shops,  Internet sex site blocking, etc.

4.Health/Medical (and reproductory) Issues: Genetic engineering, cloning, sperm and egg banks, DNA forensics,

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