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15.Normally it is incorrect for an entire paragraph to be composed of a quote.  It is your ideas that are being examined. Patching together a string of quotes to carry forward an argument does not allow your ideas or argument to be identified.  Always provide proper introductions or bridges for quotes.  Don't stick them in without clear linkages to foregoing material.  Pay special attention to this.

16.A single simple sentence is seldom a paragraph. Be sure you know what is required of a real paragraph.  Journalists regularly violate this rule.  

17.A paper of 16-18 pages does not need a bibliography unless one is assigned.  

18.In a paper of a dozen pages or more subheadings can be very useful.  Check a published style guide to be sure that you are using them correctly.  If you do use heading and subheadings, include a "Contents" page at the beginning.  

19.Your paper title should be accurate, interesting, and informative. The reader should get a good idea what the paper is about and maybe your perspective.

20.Always include a cover page including title and all relevant course data, i.e, your name, the course, its number, the semester, date, and the instructor.

21.Always turn in the original hard copy of the paper (dark impression) and always make and keep a copy of the paper for yourself.

22.If you make a reference to a textbook or article that is used in your course, do not merely refer to it as "the textbook" or by the author's name alone (eg. Cooper says...).  Instead treat it just as you would any other authoritative source you are using.  Also avoid quoting the instructor's lectures as a source.

23.Do not start your paper in the middle.  Begin your paper with a discussion of the nature of your subject, the purpose of the paper, the scope and importance of the subject, and its significance in the context of the assignment.

24.Don't pad your paper with lists or strings of items.  Avoid the use of bullets. If a (short)list is essential use numbers and letters for each item.  

25.Don't clutter your text with long quotes or technical details and excerpts from documents that can better be placed as appendices to the paper.  

26.Documentation or citation - When instructed to properly document a paper, (use authoritative references) this means that a careful library search should be made for the following materials: scholarly books, journal articles, news sources (use sparingly), conference or commission reports, government docs, and reference materials (dictionaries, encyclopedias, census reports, etc.)  These materials should be properly used to affirm or deny points, to describe situations, and to analyze relationships.

In papers that deal with administration, management, and governance,

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