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PUAD 700 Ethics Videos at gmu

(Compiled by Prof. Brack Brown – from the Johnson Center Collection)

These videos are useful supplementary materials for this course.  Some may be shown in class.  Others might be applicable to your papers.  Still others may simply interest you enough to look at them in order to extend your insight into certain subjects that we will cover in the course.

‘Ancient Greek Ideas & the Role of Philosophy,’ Bill Moyers interviews Martha Nussbaum.     BJ1012 .N877 1988  -  29min.

“In Search of the American Character,” Bill Moyers interviews Robert Bellah on character.  E169.12 .w67 1994  -  30min.

“Honesty in Government,”  Bill Moyers interviews Sissela Bok, author of the book Honesty”.     JA79 .S57 1994  -  30min.

”The Psychology of Lying,” Bill Moyers interviews Sissela Bok, author of “Lying”.

“Listening to America: The Good Society,” Bill Moyers covers several issues, Part 1, Part II.         F294 .A85 G66 1994  -  xx? min.

“Personal Ethics and the Future of the World,” about ethical decision making.

BJ1419 p47 1991  -  30min.

“Ethics and Public Policy,” The Teaching Co., about the nature of ‘rights,’ 8 lectures by Prof. Edward Beiser, 2 cassettes.  BJ1012 .E85 1991  -  Total 5hrs.

“Ethics in the 20th Century Lectures,” David Soloman, 6 lectures, 2 videos, Notre Dame Great Teachers Series,BJ319 .p76    

“Moral Development,” Concerns Milgram’s famous ‘obedience’ experiments and Kohlberg’s theories; questions raised about research ethics. BJ37.m6 1973- 28min.

“Introduction to Applied Ethics,” Center for the Advancement of Applied Ethics, various issues.  BJ1725 .E81 1993  -  29min.

“Professional Choices: Ethics at Work,” National Association of Social Workers, includes items on the role of NASW’s Code of Ethics, develops scenarios

HV91 .P75 1995  -  40min.

“The Politics of Greed,” Judy Woodruff for “Frontline” on NYS political corruption – Parking Meter Scandals and other issues.JS231 .p6 1987  -  60min.

“Making Choices: Managerial Ethics,” Insight Media deals with business ethics in America.  HF5387 .M36 1993  -  30min.

“The Deadly Deception,”  WGBH Boston Educ. Foundation, about the famous Tuskeegee study of syphilis in black patients, 1932-1972.   QH442.2 .E85 1993 - 60min.

“Medicine, Money, & Ethics in American Health Care,” WETA covers life & death issues: life support, transplants, extraordinary technology, health insurance. R724 .w476 1996 -  120min

“Genetic Engineering: Social Aspects,” Cinema Guild (was motion picture) on embryo transplants, test-tube babies, and cloning.QH438.7 .G46 1995  -  19min.

“The Ethics of Cloning,” Ben Wattenberg talks to Harold Shapiro, Chairman of Pres. Clintons Commission on Cloning.QH442.2 .E85 1997  -  29min.    

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