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Members of the Sciuridae are distinguishable from the Muridae by a tail that is bushy to its base, the presence of a supra-orbital spine, premolars and the shape of the infraorbital foramen.


I wish to thank the following people for assistance, particularly in expanding my knowledge of the Palm Squirrel in Western Australia: John Clarke (Education Department of Western Australia); J.A. Ritchie (Agriculture Protection Board of Western Australia); Daryl Kitchener (Western Australian Museum); David Langdon (Royal Zoological Society of South Australia); Graeme George (Royal Melbourne Zoological Board); Joan Dixon and Linda Huxley (Museum of Victoria); Linda Gibson and Ron Strahan (Australian Museum); Catherine Kemper (South Australian Museum). Darwin Evans (Arthur Rylah Institute) materially improved my English expression and Alan Lowe typed the manuscript.


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