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sAFety FeAtuRes FoR CHILD PAssengeRs

Safety is one of the most important considerations when buying a family vehicle . As you shop for your new car, you’ll want to become familiar with avail- able child safety features . e safety features listed here are designed to help reduce the risk of chil- dren incurring crash-related injuries and other vehicle-related injuries, such as those posed by cer- tain types of power windows .

Keep in mind that some safety features listed here are required on all 2009 model vehicles, while oth- ers are available only on select vehicles as either standard or optional equipment . e “Child Safety Features by Model – 2009” charts, which begin on page 8 of this booklet, will help you locate vehicles that include specic child safety features .

However, it’s important to remember that no safety technology can replace the need to monitor chil- dren when they are in and around motor vehi- cles — or the need to see that your child passengers are safely buckled up at all times . Statistics show that children are much less likely to be seriously injured in a crash if they are properly restrained .

In fact, the most important safety precaution a par- ent or caregiver can take is to secure child passen- gers 12 and younger in weight-appropriate child restraints or seat belts — in the vehicle’s rear seat . Inside the pages of this booklet, you’ll nd infor- mation about those features that can help ensure your little passengers are properly secured every trip, every time .

Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children (LATCH)

LATCH is a system that makes child safety seat installation easier — without using seat belts .


Check Vehicle Instructions for Alternative Tether Anchor Locations

How does LATCH work? Anchors on a LATCH- equipped vehicle are used to install a child safety seat equipped with LATCH fasteners . Most LATCH-equipped vehicles have anchors in the right and le rear seat positions .

If the center seat doesn’t have anchors, you can still install your child safety seat using a seat belt . If your vehicle isn’t LATCH-equipped, use the seat belt and, if available, a top tether . LATCH is required on child safety seats and vehicles manufactured aer September 1, 2002 .

Since the LATCH system has been required on new vehicles since 2002, you will not nd a listing for LATCH-equipped vehicles in the “Child Safety Features by Model – 2009” charts included in this booklet . However, you will nd information on LATCH locations for those vehicles listed .

Rear Center-Seat Lap and Shoulder Belts

In 2004, NHTSA published a nal rule requiring that all rear designated seating positions, other than side-facing seats, be equipped with lap/shoulder seat belts by September 1, 2007 . is made rear


Buying A SAfer CAr for Child PASSengerS 2009

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