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Bird Chatter

  • Of 195 membership renewals...only 30 members do not

have email access

  • Denise Saigh did not offer the 10 items attributed to her

in last month's newsletter as her favorite gardening tools. They belonged to DENISE ELDER.

  • MG Blythe Campbell has started a new business to help

companies make more compelling presentations and speeches according to the Anchorage Daily News, 1/16/07. See www.blythecampbell.com.

  • Sue Lincoln reports that when used as mulch, shredded

paper grows interesting mushrooms.

  • And speaking of mushrooms, Marguerite Barnard,

Margaret Love, Lupita Weese, Dana Klinkhart, Mel Monsen, Pat Leary, Sharon Hoffbeck and Mary Shier are learning about the “fungus among us” in Roseann Leiner’s class, Leaves in Our Lives & Fungi.

  • MGs Mary Jo Burns and Brenda Bissell divulged their

shopping habits to 100 participants at the Alaska Greenhouse & Nursery Conference last month.

  • The Municipality of Anchorage is developing a Rain

Garden manual and is wondering how successful Joe Pye Weed is in Anchorage. Who has experience trying to grow it?

  • Participants in Julie Riley's "Think Spring" series favor

Primula as this year's Perennial that Anchorage Gardeners are Most Excited About. (See calendar listing for upcoming presentations)

Help to Make Eagle River More Beautiful

The Eagle River Parks & Recreation Department is in need of gardening volunteers who are willing to plant, maintain, and/or design flowerbeds in the Eagle River/Chugiak Municipal Parks. Plant materials will be provided by the Municipal Greenhouse. Any amount of time or effort would be appreciated. Contact Beverly McCloud if you can help: mccloudba@ci.anchorage.ak.us









MG Volunteer Help Needed in Anchorage Area Please contact Julie Riley, 786-6300 or afjar@uaa.alaska.edu

  • Tree/shrub Research

CES is in the process of updating its tree/shrub publication titled, “Landscape Plants for Alaska”. MGs are needed to help with on-line research and typing. The areas where help would be useful include 1) checking to see if the cultivars listed are still available, 2) checking to see if there are sources of the native plants listed, 3) typing lists of plants that can be used in a new section of the publication. This can be done from home or at the CES office.

  • Gardening Events/Activities Calendar

Each spring Extension tries to provide as comprehensive of a calendar as possible for the gardening public. The calendar is also printed in the Anchorage Daily News gardening supplement. If materials can be pulled together quickly enough Sandra Harrington can use the information in the AMGA Directory. Gina Docherty always uses it on the AMGA website and the Alaska Botanical Garden can also help distribute the information.

The job requires someone who can track down the information and type it up in Microsoft Word. It takes about 20 hours. The benefit of compiling the gardening calendar is you learn about all the special programs, plant sales and garden tours that are coming up this spring/ summer.

  • Garden Clinic Coordinator

There are a number of opportunities to distribute gardening publications, answer questions and provide people with information on the Fall 2007 Master Gardener Course. I’m not sure we ll do Fur Rendezvous, but the Spring Gardening Show in the Mall at Sears is Saturday, April 15 and the Alaska Women’s Show runs April 20-22.

  • Alaska Women’s Show Presentatiaons,

April 20 -22 This annual event takes place in the Sullivan Arena. Right now I’m looking for MGs who can give a 50-minute presentations on any spring-related gardening topic. This could be slides, PowerPoint, lecture or demonstration.

  • 4-H Talking Plant presentations

Even though we have not advertised that this program is

a v a i a b e t h s s p r n g , w e a r e s t i l l g e t t n g r e q u e s t s f r o m 2 n d grade teachers. Please let me know if I can place you on a

list of MGs to contact when the calls come in.

  • AMGA Newsletter Columnist

The AMGA Board of Directors was hoping to be able to spotlight a MG in each issue of the newsletter. It would be easy to do. The Board could give you suggestions on who to interview and all you’d have to do is write up a few paragraphs describing what makes that person special/ interesting. Another MG with a digital camera could take the photos. No one stepped up to the plate to write the

e r n now? r e w e r s a r t i c l e s l a s t f a l l , b u t p e r h a p s t h e j o b s o u n d s m o r e a p p e a l i n g PAGE 6

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