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BILLS Needing Action Taken Everyone needs to take ACTION NOW!

Landowners may eventually lose control of the property falling within the boundaries.

(The views expressed in this article may not reflect the views of the Cascade Treasure Club, its members, or the editor of this newsletter).

Your action is needed toward two bills that may come up for a vote before Congress takes its summer break in early August. The first is S3213. It is a huge omnibus bill, which includes the National Landscape Conservation Sys- tem. This bill passed in the House and is now in the Senate. There are over 90 bills combined into one big mess. This bill will take over 26 mil- lion acres of both government and even private lands and place it under national park style regulations. Many new parks and scenic areas would be created. This for a system that already cannot manage what it has. In order to manage these new allotments, untold millions must be added to the budget, and that money comes right out of our pockets. The bill will eventually eliminate many multiple uses now allowed as the lands are gradually turned into parks and roads are eliminated. Public use activities such as grazing, mining, prospecting, off-roading, and even hiking will disappear. Any traditional use of this land by anyone will be affected. S3213 also includes a number of "National Trails", many of which pass through a lot of private property.

Here is the link to the bill. The full bill is over 700 pages. Can you possibly know all that is in it? Could this be a way of pushing through all kinds of legislation that would never stand on its own?

http://www.govtrack.us/congress/bill.xpd? bill=s110-3213

Contact your senators immediately. Tell them to oppose S3213 in no uncertain terms. Here is a link to contact your senators. http:// www.senate.gov/general/contact information/ senators cfm.cfm

The second item is HR2421. It is titled the Clean Water Restoration Act. Sounds like a winner, right? WRONG! This is another wolf in sheep's clothing. It places virtually all water in the nation under the control of the Corps of Engineers and the EPA. It does this by replacing the words "navigable water" with "Waters of the United States" in their jurisdictional requirements. It gives them authority over every piece of water in the US. This includes every lake, swamp, stream, tiny creek, and your pond, along with any activity that affects them. Here is some wording from the bill.

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July, 2008, CTC Club meeting. At the meeting, 32 members were present when the meeting was called to order 5:08 PM by President Matt Mechler. .Mark Jenkins read the secretary’s report & Ron Aldridge read the treasurer’s report. As of the July meeting, the club has 73 members. The Joys & Concerns were read: Jenelle Jenkins’ Grandmother passed away F.M.D.A.C: The summer addition of Quest is now available—it has Jon Gentry’s story in it. Correspondence: City of Issaquah sent a letter for the annual Hobby Expo with a new date of April 25th, 2009. We received a thank you letter from White Center Food Bank for the 50lbs of food we donated and a thank you letter from Auburn Food Bank for the 97 items our club donated. PSTHC is having a Hunt on Aug 9th in Orting. One of our new members has recently found a prized gold nugget treasure hunt- ing at Ganes Creek, Alaska. He will be bringing it to the picnic and to the August meeting. Old Business: The club plaque was not found and it was decided that the plaque will be placed on hold for awhile. Jon Gentry announced the results of the 2nd month’s results of the new scavenger hunt. The results of the NWTHC hunt were explained. There are still tickets left for the gold coin raffle. On August 2nd, Mark Jenkins will be running the Club Picnic and will serve a salmon dinner if he catches one on his trip to the ocean. Reminder: a gold scale will be present at the meetings and those who can are still encouraged to bring in food for the food banks. New Business: Jon Gentry will be hosting the Labor Day weekend outing, and the Surf and Sand hunt is being hosted by Ralph & Judie Shape. Events in October are: Pacific Beach outing & the Moonlight Hunt in October. Several members shared their techniques of cleaning finds. Awards: After the break, monthly awards were voted on and presented: No/No was awarded to Rick Razor and the AOK winner was Rick Razor. There was $12 in the Jug of Hope. If Michael Jacobs had been present, he would have won. Stan Applestone was the lucky winner of the Silver Dollar in the raffle. Find of the month winners were announced. Next board meeting is at Ralph & Judie Shape’s house on (date TBD) at 7PM. Next club meeting is Aug 10th 5PM. Meeting adjourned at 7:22PM.

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