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The Program on Intellectual Property and the Public Interest at American University, Washington College of Law invites you to attend IP/Gender: The Unmapped Connections, a panel discussion on the intersection of gender and intellectual property issues on April 2, 2004 from 3:00-5:00 in Room 524.

STUDENT HEALTH CENTER UPDATE- I contacted the SHC and got an update on improvements/progress it made since my last meeting with the Director. The following is a summary of that conversation. If you have any concerns or issues with the SHC, please follow the procedure I set out in previous Dockets. There is a SHC survey on their website, go to it, fill it out and place it in my mailbox in the SBA lounge (2E). Also, you can email me at lisa_lockwood@hotmail.com. We have been slowly transitioning to an all-appointment model from a pure walk-in system. We currently have a hybrid model of scheduling and walk-in, but the goal is to operate on a pure appointment model. After the break, we will begin advertising and enforcing new policy. All of the providers have time built into their schedules that is reserved for urgent care, because there will be students with an acute illness who need immediate care. One of the challenges for me has been that I had an unexpected staff shortage when one of my providers was confined to bed rest for her entire pregnancy. I am happy to say that she had a health baby two weeks ago, but she won't be back until June. I am also short one provider due to a provider leaving to work for the Smithsonian! These vacancies have thrown a wrench in my plans to assign students to a PCP, but, since we've initiated appointment scheduling, many relationships between students and patients have naturally evolved for patients who schedule ongoing care. For the entire year, we have had a full-time physician on staff, which is a new development. We have been able to use him as a great resource for evaluating problems we may have sent out in the past, and it has allowed us to take advantage of his training for continuing clinical education for our PAs. Also, starting this month, we have a GYN on staff on Thursdays--hooray! He is a great doc (Dr. Malcolm DeSouza) who has had a long-standing relationship with AU. We recently added a nurse practitioner as well. I'm excited about that. We will be recruiting new physicians this summer and should have a full staff by fall. In the women's health arena, the insurance renewal is underway and all of the benefits we talked about (oral contraceptives, allergy, acne, etc.,) is on the table. We should have it wrapped up by the first week of April. As you know, the health insurance industry is ugly everywhere and I do anticipate that premiums will go up, so my goal is to make changes in benefits and plan design that control how high that increase is, while still being able to provide a level of benefits that students want and need. We still carry the five brands of OCs we talked about, but now we also have Ortho Tri-Cyclen Low (Tri-Cyclen went generic!) sample packs, so we can start students on them. I can obtain Tri-Cyclen Lo and dispense from the SHC, but not at $10 a cycle. Which brings me to drugs... By the end of this month, we will start dispensing a basic formulary of prescription drugs at the SHC--antibiotics,, antihistamines, decongestants, etc...AND, I am thinking about maybe Yasmin and a few other OCs that we don't currently have. I just can't beat the price of anyone who has a $15 or $20 co-pay through their insurance, and it might be expensive. It would probably be less than CVS, though. But, I'm excited about dispensing at the SHC--it will save students a trip to CVS.

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