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agreed upon as being handled without an RFP. It was also noted that habitat mapping had been agreed previously to be subject to RFP. Dave said that is in the process of being contracted out.

Program Work occurring on the Navajo Nation: controlling access to their land. Brenna Clanni said

The Navajo Nation has concerns about that as a participating agency, the Navajo

Nation out the its role

is taking on a lot of responsibilities with respect to the Program, and has not totally fleshed issue regarding the contracting and sole sourcing either as a participant in the Program or in as an sovereign Nation.

Additional discussions are needed internally within the Navajo Nation regarding the effect of contracting or sole sourcing projects that occur on Navajo Nation on the Program and these discussions have not been completed. If the committee has any concerns or thoughts, she would like to take those back to the council.

Dave Campbell said that the RFP for the Geomorphology and Habitat Modeling requires that contractors submitting proposals have the Navajo Nation’s permission to do work on Navajo Nation lands. Jim Brooks pointed out that all parties engaged in Program actions, including state and federal agencies, are required to obtain appropriate permits and land owner permission, whether they are from the Navajo Nation, federal agencies, or state agencies.

It was suggested that requiring these permits is part of the solution, i.e., through the permitting process, the Navajo Nation can regulate who works on its lands.

The second option is for the Navajo Nation to receive the grant as a participating agency and then do its own contracting. Brenna Clanni pointed out that sometimes it is a long process under Navajo procedures and might result in delays in Program activities.

Work Group Recommendations

The committee reviewed 2007 Program activities and activities included in the current Long Range Plan and developed a list of recommended activities that would not be contracted out and those that normally would be contracted out unless there is justification for not using the RFP process. The list is provided below:

Projects that will not be competed:

  • 1.

    Program Management

    • a.

      Peer review

    • b.


    • c.

      Database development and operation by USFWS

    • d.

      Program data management

  • 2.

    Capital Project Management

  • 3.

    Base Funds Management

  • 4.

    Work that requires handling, capture, rearing/stocking endangered or managed fishes

    • a.

      Rearing/stocking endangered fish

    • b.

      Nonnative species removal

    • c.

      Monitoring of fish populations

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