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In this arrangement, the Amgen finance departments (Amgen Accounts Payable, Amgen Strategic Sourcing and Procurement, etc.) would forward batches of administrative documents to the Project Coordinator, who will file them into the project folders’ administrative section.

The Sample Administrative Folders Setup and Structure can be found in Appendix B.

All Administrative folders should be located with the rest of the project folders, usually in the Project Support Document Control Room.

Engineering Documentation Most of the Engineering Documentation is generated by project Architects, Engineers, Consultants, Contractors and Subcontractors. Amgen requires that all of this documentation be delivered to the Project Coordinator for recording and archiving.

Project Support currently recognizes about seventy different engineering document categories. See the Document File Numbers and Categories table in the Sample Engineering Folders Setup and Structure in Appendix C.

Each engineering document for the active project should be filed in the hard-copy folder. Project folders should be generated on an as-needed basis, depending on the inflow of project documentation. The Project Coordinator should be able to determine the classification of each document from its category. If unclear, Project Coordinators are encouraged to consult with the document originator or the Project Manager about the category of the document.

Project Coordinators may use other means for filing, storing or archiving project hard-copy documents. The Document Coordinator occasionally may use binders for the TOP documentation or hanging/flat files for drawings.

Electronic Filing System Migration of project documentation and archives into a paperless environment is one of EOS’s long-range goals. It is recommended that the project support sites request electronic copies of all project documentation. If the original electronic copies of documents are not available, the consultants should scan the hard-copy documents into Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

Administrative documents do not need to be archived electronically. They are already being tracked through other departments’ electronic system and duplication is not necessary.

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