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EOS has established a corporate standard for turnover package requirements for all engineering projects. It should be followed for each project, but it can also be expanded based on additional site/project conditions or requirements, or project team preferences. At the TOP phase of the project, all consultants should be aware of and familiar with the required scope and formatting of the project turnover package.

Active Engineering File vs. Turnover Package

The active engineering file is the set of documents collected by the Project Coordinator during the project’s lifecycle. In general, they include the project’s general correspondence, feasibility studies, design criteria and scope, contract documentation, monthly reports, and project’s meeting minutes, but also might include any other type of documents, as outlined in the previous section.

The filing methodolog , which should be applied to these documents, is more fully explained in Appendix G – Sample Turnover Binder Structure.

The Turnover Package includes the documentation representing the latest and most complete versions of the project document, such as permits, Certificates of Occupancy, RFQs, RFPs, POs, RFIs, specifications, schedules, submittals, reports, manuals, warranties, equipment lists, drawings, photographs, etc.

Project support staff should request delivery of all available project documents from any of these categories.

This information is critical to Amgen because it references the most accurate data about the project. The formatting methodology, which should be applied to the TOP documents, is explained later in this chapter.

To accurately document the entire project, at the end of the project both packages should be combined and archived together. Since there may be duplicates or conflicting versions of documents between the two packages, the team should make an effort to identify and remove them, while cross-referencing the removed documents so documentation “gaps” are not created.

Turnover Package


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