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Supported File Formats Livelink Endeavor is capable of importing and storing any kind of electronic file. Still, Project Management should decide what file formats should be supported for different types of documents.

It is recommended that all electronic documentation be delivered in Adobe Acrobat PDF as well as native file formats.

ests should be conducted to verify a format’s compatibility with the Livelink Endeavor viewer.

Bulk Loader Documents can be loaded into Livelink in two different ways: manually, one by one, or as a set, through the Bulk Loader. The Project Coordinator should not be manually loading more than five files at a time. Any amount of files greater than five should be loaded with the Bulk Loader.

The Bulk Loader utilizes the Metadata spreadsheet file for loading files and their attributes into the Livelink database. When a large quantity of documents needs to be loaded, the Project Coordinator should ask the originator of the documents to provide a complete index spreadsheet together with the files. The Document Coordinator should be familiar with the Bulk Loader process.

Project drawings are the ideal candidate for the Bulk Loader.

E-Document Attributes E-document attributes are the key to document tracking and searches. The Project Coordinator should be responsible for uploading each electronic document and entering the attributes associated with it.

Project Support is currently evaluating the list of attributes. The figure below shows the eleven key attributes and their sample values identifying a record from one of the documents in Thousand Oaks (B01, Project 830565).



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