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1.0 Scope of Services

Engineering project support personnel in multiple Amgen sites provide construction and engineering documentation management in support of the Amgen Expense and Capital Projects.

The scope of services provided by these individuals is continuously expanding to meet the new challenges and requirements of Amgen. Currently the project support staff operates across many different Amgen engineering centers and management structures. They support various tasks, which may differ from site to site, based on the presence of unique site or project requirements, or interdepartmental organizational relationships.

The section below identifies the core services, which every successful Amgen project support team should be capable of offering to any of its projects. They can be divided into two major areas: Active Engineering Projects Support and Engineering Archive Management.

Active Engineering Projects Support

All project support groups at Amgen should be committed to providing document management support for active projects. The project support staff should be able to accommodate the project team with the following services:


Hard Copy All hard copies of project documents should be preserved and filed per the site hard-copy filing standard.

Electronic Copy Each site should be capable of filing and storing electronic copies of documents. A logical, document filing structure should be used, such as the example provided in the Appendix.

Samples The project support staff should have local space allocated to filing and storing project submittal samples. They can be archived or destroyed after the project closeout.

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Scope of Services


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