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Documents Tracking and Retrieval

Any filing or project data systems should be capable of tracking and retrieving project hard or electronic documents. Staff should be capable of locating and retrieving any filed project documents.

Documentation Distribution

Support staff is often asked to coordinate the distribution of project documents. If required, they monitor the document response deadlines and send notifications.

On-Site Storage Management

Files, Binders, Samples Project support personnel should reserve and secure access to an on-site document-storage shelving system for current project hard folders, binders and small submittal samples.

Flat and Hanging Files The hanging or flat file should be designed to accommodate the E-size paper drawing sets.

Squad Check The staff should be capable of coordinating the setup of the project squad check-room per request of the Project Manager.

Software Administration

Various engineering centers use different applications for tracking, distributing and storing project data. The staff should continue using these tools.

Meetings Participation

Staff should participate in team meetings on an as-needed basis as essential to the support of business objectives.

Administrative Support

Mailing Support staff when asked should coordinate the mailing of project documents and drawings to various team members through FedEx, UPS, USPS, interoffice mail or email.

Copying Staff can be delegated to perform on-site copying and collating services, or coordinate off-site copying for larger packages.

Scanning, printing, plotting, and reprographic Staff should be able to offer a wide range of on-site large format document imaging services such as scanning, printing or plotting. Depending on the quantity needed, it should have the capability of outsourcing the imaging requests through a local reprographics vendor.

Miscellaneous Support

The staff should review and justify the support of other tasks on a case-by- case basis. The support resources should be allocated depending on their availability. Their new roles or assignments should be clearly defined and the request for additional support should be placed with the staff Supervisor.

Scope of Services


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