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Engineering Archive Management

The corporate engineering project support team recommends that all documents related to closed engineering projects be preserved and archived. The engineering archive storage is usually outsourced to an outside archive-management service. Each engineering site should establish a relationship with an outside storage company and designate staff to be the point- of-contact for sending and receiving archive shipments.

The services provided by this staff, at minimum, should be as follows:


Daily tasks for the Archive staff should include the archiving of closed projects, personnel, contract and real estate files. The staff should review, audit and re-archive records on as-needed basis.

Off-Site Storage Coordination

Staff should be able to track and retrieve any project hard or electronic document. He/she should have electronic search tools available for querying archive documents in many different ways.

Records Tracking, Retention, and Retrieval

EOS is in the process of defining and implementing a document-retention policy for project documentation. This policy will give staff a basis for setting expiration dates on archived documents and executing destruction of expired documentation.

Tracking and retrieval services should be similar to the Active Project Support scope above, except that they are not related to the specific project.

Software Administration

Once the projects are closed, their electronic data should be relocated into the site engineering electronic archive. From this point, it should be under the care of the archive staff.

Administrative Support

Should be similar to the Active Projects Support scope above, except that it is not related to the specific project.

Scope of Services


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