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B. Pre-LOI Deal Approval Pitch and Presentation

Each team will submit and present a 8-10 page PPT “recommending” a set of actions in support of a past or hypothetical M&A transaction for the selected company. Presentations will include, among other things, the basic terms of the transaction (structure, valuation, etc.), strategic rationale, synergies, plans for management and goals for integration.

C. Team Final Project

Using the same company and past or hypothetical transaction used in assignment B above, each team will be asked to submit a 8-10 page WORD document with appropriate financial or related exhibits describing key elements of the chosen M&A transaction. In the case of a past transaction (closed in the past 12 months, unless otherwise approved by the instructor) teams will be asked to review public disclosures and describe in detail the structure of the transaction, valuation metrics, and various strategic and operational elements of the deal. For teams brave enough to propose a hypothetical transaction (which must be approved in advance by the instructor, and must rely solely on publicly disclosed information), the document must outline not only the merits and structure of the transaction but also provide alternative strategies in the event the target is unavailable or unwilling to sell.

Class Participation – Team No free rides! The only way to make a course of this type succeed is to have strong and effective teams.

Students must actively participate in class and team activities.

To ensure that team participation is fairly

distributed, each team member will be asked to give a confidential assessment of the contributions of the rest of the team on a 1-5 scale (5 being best). History has shown that highly-effective, cohesive teams score each member the same. Dysfunctional teams score all over the map. Try your best to fall in the former category please.


The course will be graded on a point basis with 1000 available points.

A = 950 and above A- = 900 – 949 B+ = 875 – 899 B = 850 – 874 B - = 825 – 849 C and below = < 825

Points will be allocated as follows:

Individual Case Write-Up # 1 Individual Case Write-Up # 2 Team Assignment A Team Assignment B Team Final - C Class/Team Participation

10% (100 points) 10% (100 points) 15% (150 points) 15% (150 points) 25% (250 points) 25% (250 points)


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