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Honor Code

The rigors of an Executive MBA program can be quite demanding. Turning in assignments, preparing for lectures, and ensuring you are up to date on reading materials are difficult tasks. Regardless of these

challenges, each student is reminded of his/her commitment to academic integrity.

Given the nature of

this course – multiple individual/team based assignments – following the class honor code is of acute


All assignments are to be turned into the instructor when due.

Students are asked to send all written

assignments via soft copy (email) to create an electronic record of the time and date of submission. Any assignments received after they are due (generally after class starts) may be subject to penalties and deductions (at the sole discretion of the professor)

All assignments must be original work and are not to be discussed, shared, copied, or reviewed with or from other students/teams prior to submission. This applies to both individual and team assignments. Part of your grade is tied to your ability to problem solve individually or as a team. There will be plenty of time to compare notes and learn form each others analysis after the assignment is turned


Students may not leverage course materials or work product prepared for a prior session of the course.

Any incidents of cheating will not be tolerated. At the least, incidents will result in a zero for the assignment and may involve escalation to the assistant dean of the Graduate School of Management pursuant to the Student Code of Ethics.

Unless otherwise instructed, students must rely solely on materials provided in the written cases for their assignments. While it is quite easy to research the actual facts in a given case, the learning process is most effective when you limit yourself to the materials provided. Accordingly, students are asked to rely solely on case study materials for their assignments.

Please consult with the instructor directly concerning any questions you may have about this honor code.


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