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Roles of people involved, which apply to each stage/stages of the model you are looking at.

Principles, defining the key concepts that underpin each lifecycle stage.

Toolkit, quick links to the Processes, MPE’s, Roles and Principles as well as access to the Self Assessment Maturity Model.

  • Clear Colour Coding - Main Practice Elements can be easily related to the core lifecycle.

  • Free Knowledge Base - Provides news, white papers plus details on events, itSMF and related


  • Published by TSO - As ITIL’s official publisher, TSO works closely with expert content providers.

TSO is a provider of high quality, peer-reviewed content delivered via a framework of strong governance.

  • Reviewed by leading industry experts –a host of industry experts make up the Content Review


  • 15% Discount off ITIL V3 Complementary Publications - As part of your subscription you will

receive a 15% discount when purchasing ITIL V3 Complementary Publications from www.best- management-practice.com

  • Unique links through to Official Core ITIL V3 Content - Utilize the unique links throughout the

content in ITIL LIVE to the Official ITIL V3 Core Material by upgrading your subscription.

What are the benefits of using ITIL Live?

ITIL Live helps users plan the implementation of ITIL V3, by showing them how processes relate to the lifecycle and what is required at the main stages of implementation.

From cutting costs to helping diffuse knowledge of ITIL through the organization, ITIL Live delivers wide-ranging benefits:

As a practical aid – The process models help users gain a full understanding of the Service Lifecycle. Process flows, templates and documents help users apply the guidance in their everyday work processes.

As an educational aid – Organizations who are investing in formal ITIL education will be able to use ITIL Live as a resource for study and as a reference tool both before and after ITIL certification.

As an assessment tool – The unique Self Assessment Maturity Model allows subscribers the opportunity to conduct their own assessment of implementation and running of ITIL-based processes.

As an affordable implementation tool – Documenting how IT Service Management (ITSM) will be executed within departments and organizations is a major component of ITIL implementation. ITIL Live provides a resource which is delivered centrally, affordably and that can be available to all.

As a service improvement aid – By bringing all the key elements together, the service model makes it easy for organizations to pinpoint gaps in their current model and add components that improve the organization’s service practices.

As a source of up-to-date best practice – Content will be added regularly to the Toolkit following approval by the Content Review Group. This ensures that content remains refreshed and current. Subscribers will then be alerted and supplied with links as new documents are added.

As a practical and accessible resource – To enable a broader and deeper understanding of IT Service Management implementation, ITIL Live will make it easier to engage non-specialists within the organization with the implementation process. This will increase understanding and help ensure its ongoing success and continual improvement.

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