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Petroleum Inspections


rue or alse? All fuel stations are required to advertise their fuel prices on clearly marked street advertisements signs in order for the public to make informed decisions prior to purchasing fuel.

False. nder alifornia usiness and rofessions

  • ode § only service stations that sell to the

general public are required to advertise the prices of their three largest volume fuels ther stations such as card locks and membership only businesses such as ostco are not required to advertise their prices to the public his exception exists because some card locks have different prices for different fleet customers that are based on negotiated contracts

rue or alse? Service stations must provide “free” air and water to all customers that shop at their business.

False. nder alifornias usiness and rofessions

  • ode section § service stations must make

available free of charge compressed air a tire pressure gauge and water but only to fuel purchasing customers

  • hey can charge a fee to anyone else that does not

purchase fuel from them even if that customer purchases a bag of chips a soft drink and a package of gum

rue or alse? Service stations are allowed to charge you “full service” prices if you ask them to help you fill your vehicle’s fuel tank, even if you present a California issued disabled driver placard.


  • tations can charge higher prices for full

service but if a customer presents a disabled driver placard issued by the state of alifornia that customer

is entitled to assistance with additional cost

receive under certain conditions the fueling of their vehicle at no

  • alifornia usiness and rofessions

  • ode







sufficient fueling if station is

personnel to assist all disabled drivers with they present their ate issued placard  exempt if they have only one person on

staff or one person working the register person handling food ll sations that have

and one sufficient

personnel are required to assist with the fueling of vehicles belonging to disabled drivers and they also must post their policy in a conspicuous location for public viewing

rue or alse? Service stations do not have to provide restroom facilities to customers if they are are located a ½ mile or further from a major interstate or primary highway.

True. nder usiness and rofessions ode section § service stations are required to provide public restrooms free of charge to their customers but only if they are within  of a mile  feet from a major interstate or primary highway hese facilities must include separate facilities for men and women and must be of a permanent nature

rue or alse?

ater present in a service station’s

fuel storage tanks is a chargeable violation.

False. he presence of water in the storage tanks is not illegal but it presents a potentially costly fuel contamination issue to the business eights and easures officials routinely check for water in the storage tanks but we are not permitted to take enforcement action until it can be proven that the water is being dispensed through the dispensers nozzle in to the customers vehicle his occurrence

can only be proved by taking an official fuel sample

at the nozzle and having it officially tested for contamination at the acramento easurement

  • tandards etroleum laboratory ith the passing of

stricter regulations that govern the construction and installation of storage tanks water in storage tanks is less of a problem these days eaking fuel tanks are mostly a thing of the past  more likely scenario

is the introduction of the wrong product in to the wrong tank his year we did have one reported occurrence of diesel accidently being delivered in to the premium gasoline tank uckily this was quickly reported and dealt with before largescale harm to the public could occur

Spotlight on Weights & Measures

May 2009

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