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Price Verification

  • urrently onoma ounty eights and easures

has  retail establishments registered

in our

  • price verification program nder onoma ounty

  • ode hapter  rticle  ivision  eights and

  • easures has the authority to register and inspect any

business that operates a point of sale  system that uses an automated price look up  system a universal product code scanner  or any other electronic automated system that determines the price that the customer is charged

  • nder this county code every one of these businesses

will be audited for pricing accuracy at least once a year

  • f the business fails their initial yearly inspections

they are put on an increased frequency of inspections until they can demonstrate that they are making the appropriate changes to correct their pricing errors

  • epending on the size of the business either  

or  items are randomly selected according to an established testing protocol set forth under alifornias

  • usiness and rofessions ode sections §

through § uring the audit the barcodes of the products are scanned and recorded he shelf and advertisement prices of the items are noted and are compared to the prices that are charged at the

  • check out register he lowest posted or advertised

price is the correct price expired shelf sign included

  • ny discrepancies in prices are noted and logged as

an overcharge or undercharge ricing errors and monetary totals are compiled and a determination is made regarding the status of the audit usinesses pass the inspection if they have only one overcharge but they are still held liable for enforcement if that overcharge exceeds a certain monetary value

  • ithin the last twelve months eights and easures

inspectors issued  violation notices to businesses that failed either their initial or follow up audits hese inspections generated  administrative penalties  couple of additional failed audits bypassed our offices administrative penalty process and went directly to the onoma ounty onsumer istrict ttorney for pending cases

  • he audits in this twelvemonth period generated

a total of  in overcharges and  in undercharges f the audits that generated overcharges the average overcharge was  of the total bill ou may think that the overcharges and undercharges even out and consumers are not really being harmed but this is not the case because if money is taken from you and given to me you as a consumer are being harmed directly in the process regardless where the money ends up

  • f you would like additional information you can

preview some of our past newsletters visit our website or contact our office with any specific questions you may have

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