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information currently available in a different format.

127. The Board also decided to permit an enterprise, for fiscal years

beginning prior to December 16, 1997, initially to apply the provisions of

this Statement for a fiscal year for which annual financial statements have

not previously been issued.  If the Statement is adopted prior to the

effective date and during an interim period other than the first interim

period, all prior interim periods of that fiscal year must be reclassified.

128. The Board decided that an enterprise should be required to apply the

provisions of this Statement to comparative financial statements provided

for earlier periods to make them comparable to the financial statements for

the current period. An enterprise should not encounter difficulties in

reclassifying earlier periods' financial statements because the information

required to be displayed by this Statement previously was displayed in the

statement of changes in equity, the equity section of the statement of

financial position, or in notes to the financial statements.  The Board

decided not to require, but to encourage, an enterprise to display

reclassification adjustments for earlier period financial statements

presented for comparison to the first period in which this Statement is



Appendix B


129. This appendix provides illustrations of reporting formats for

comprehensive income, required disclosures, and a corresponding statement

of financial position.  The illustrations are intended as examples only;

they illustrate some recommended formats.  Other formats or levels of

detail may be appropriate for certain circumstances.  An enterprise is

encouraged to provide information in ways that are most understandable to

investors, creditors, and other external users of financial statements. For

simplicity, the illustrations provide information only for a single period;

however, the Board realizes that most enterprises are required to provide

comparative financial statements.

130. Brackets are used to highlight certain basic totals that must be

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