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in a statement that reports the results of operations, while others were

included directly in balances within a separate component of equity in a

statement of financial position.

12.  If used with related disclosures and other information in the

financial statements, the information provided by reporting comprehensive

income should assist investors, creditors, and others in assessing an

enterprise's activities and the timing and magnitude of an enterprise's

future cash flows.

13.  Although total comprehensive income is a useful measure, information

about the components that make up comprehensive income also is needed.  A

single focus on total comprehensive income is likely to result in a limited

understanding of an enterprise's activities.  Information about the

components of comprehensive income often may be more important than the

total amount of comprehensive income.

Reporting and Display of Comprehensive Income

14.  All components of comprehensive income shall be reported in the

financial statements in the period in which they are recognized.  A total

amount for comprehensive income shall be displayed in the financial

statement where the components of other comprehensive income are reported.

Classifications within Comprehensive Income

15.  This Statement divides comprehensive income into net income and other

comprehensive income.  An enterprise shall continue to display an amount

for net income.  An enterprise that has no items of other comprehensive

income in any period presented is not required to report comprehensive


Classifications within Net Income

16.  Items included in net income are displayed in various classifications.

Those classifications can include income from continuing operations,

discontinued operations, extraordinary items, and cumulative effects of

changes in accounting principle.  This Statement does not change those

classifications or other requirements for reporting results of operations.

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