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in which those components are displayed or in the notes to the financial

statements.  Alternative formats for disclosing the tax effects related to

the components of other comprehensive income are illustrated in Appendix B.

Reporting Other Comprehensive Income in the Equity Section of a Statement

of Financial Position

26.  The total of other comprehensive income for a period shall be

transferred to a component of equity that is displayed separately from

retained earnings and additional paid-in capital in a statement of

financial position at the end of an accounting period. A descriptive title

such as accumulated other comprehensive income shall be used for that

component of equity.  An enterprise shall disclose accumulated balances for

each classification in that separate component of equity on the face of a

statement of financial position, in a statement of changes in equity, or in

notes to the financial statements.  The classifications shall correspond to

classifications used elsewhere in the same set of financial statements for

components of other comprehensive income.

Interim-Period Reporting

27.  APB Opinion No. 28, Interim Financial Reporting, clarifies the

application of accounting principles and reporting practices to interim

financial information, including interim financial statements and

summarized interim financial data of publicly traded companies issued for

external reporting purposes. An enterprise shall report a total for

comprehensive income in condensed financial statements of interim periods

issued to shareholders.

Amendments to Existing Pronouncements

28.  APB Opinion No. 28, Interim Financial Reporting, is amended as


a.   In the first sentence of paragraph 2, as amended by FASB Statement No.

    95, Statement of Cash Flows, the term comprehensive income, is

    inserted before and cash flows.

b.   In paragraph 30(a), the phrase and net income is replaced by net

    income, and comprehensive income.

29.  In the last sentence of paragraph 13 of FASB Statement No. 52, Foreign

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