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Is Stopping Smoking Cold Turkey Possible? You may have heard lots of people quitting smoking cold turkey. This approach is used by the more 'brave' smokers that are able to control their smoking cravings to the maximum. Stopping smoking cold turkey basically means you give up cigarettes all at once, rather than what doctors usually recommend to gradually reduce the number of daily cigarettes. The latter method will not work. Recent...

Warning - Stop Smoking Drugs May Be Hazerdous to Your Health Smoking is its own punishment. But many smokers are being doubly punished these days with 1) a smoking cessation drug that might actually be worse for you than smoking, and 2) a new vaccine recommendation from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It's enough to inspire you to stop smoking just to get these relentless drug merchants off your back! The Associated Press reports...

Quit Smoking Hypnosis Works If you've decided to quit smoking and don't really know how you might like to try hypnosis; it does play a significant role. Many people try every smoking aid out there such as nicotine gum, nicotine patches or antidepressants and finally end up smoking again. Why does this always happen? Quitting smoking isn't impossible; at least that you can keep in mind. This is the main reason I want to...

Advice on How to Quit Marijuana: Avoiding Roadblocks - Part Two In part one we discussed how problems in our life can present what may seem like barriers that we cannot overcome and force many people to turn around and give up on their attempt to quit smoking pot. This advice on how to quit marijuana will continue on with some common and not so common examples of how former pot smokers have handled these situations. Social obstacles Many marijuana...

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