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Nightrider.com Performance Products

LC-1 WBO2 Quick Install Guide

Fits 2007/2008 Harley-Davidson®

This installation guide assumes that your LC-1's have been pre-programmed. If the pre-programming was performed by Nightrider.com Performance Products, the calibration of the WBO2 sensor has already been performed and the air fuel ratio is normally set to 13.5:1. The AFR will be marked on the upper left corner on the front of your LC-1 boxes. Pre-programmed units have already been calibrated in free air, so you can start your installation immediately.

1. Mounting the two LC-1’s:

A. Disconnect the OEM O2 sensors from the HD wiring harness. Remove the OEM O2 sensors from the front and rear exhaust pipes. Replace them with the WBO2 sensors included in your upgrade kit.

B. Find a suitable location under your vehicle where the LC-1 body can be mounted. Using zip ties or other suitable method, fasten the body of the LC-1 device securely to the frame rails or other mounting points as far away from the heat of the exhaust system as the sensor cable allows. DO NOT zip-tie the LC-1 by the cables. Simplified LC-1 mount locations and installation notes.

Model Motorcycle



Installation Notes The main LC-1 wiring harness can be cut to length. Do not cut the two smaller communications cables.


Right lower frame rail

In right rear frame triangle behind cover

Rear O2 sensor is very tight with OEM header. Do not let O2 wires twist without turning the entire wiring harness. LC-1 Wiring should be brought behind right rear frame cover. Wiring can be installed without cutting LC-1 wires. Wiring should be neatly tie wrapped and mounted. Run power from fuse panel to right side of frame. Run a ground wire from the “grounding studs” located just behind the gas tank, under the seat.

Installation photos available at http://www.spmullenllc.com/gallery/main.php.


Right lower frame rail

Access from right rear of bike, behind the oil tank and in front of the inside fender panel

Run LC-1 wiring from frame area to under seat. Main LC-1 wiring needs to be cut to length in order to fit. Do not cut the two communications cables.

Installation photos available at http://www.spmullenllc.com/gallery/main.php.


Right lower frame rail

Under battery and electrical panel at down tube.

Access rear cylinder O2 harness connector by removing seat.


Right lower frame rail

No reference installs

The preferred location for the front cylinder LC-1 will be on the lower right frame rail toward the inside of the bike. The preferred location for the rear cylinder LC-1 will be on the lower right frame rail toward the inside of the bike.

2. Routing the Cables:

A. Route the cables from the LC-1 (except sensor cable) to the fuse panel on your motorcycle. Make note of which wire is from the front cylinder and which is from the rear. B. The two smaller cables are for communications to the LC-1. DO NOT CUT THESE COMMUNICATION CABLES.

3. LC-1 Main Cable connections:

A. Most LC-1 Interface/power cables have 6 stripped ends*:

a. Red 12V supply – Connect to pig tail on supplied Fuse Tap

b. Blue Heater Ground – Connect to chassis ground

c. White System Ground – Connect to chassis ground

d. Yellow Analog out 1 – Connect to Blue wire on supplied O2 wiring harness adapter

e. Brown Analog out 2 – Optional Can be used with Digital Air Fuel Gauge or with Scan Tool, otherwise tape wire end

f. Black Calibration wire – Optional Connect to LED / Re-calibrate switch, otherwise tape wire end g. Silver ground wire – If you shorten the LC-1 wiring harness, you will expose this wire. This is just another ground wire

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