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2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Recycled cellulose fiber (such as K-SORB Universal Particuliate). Note: cellulose fiber may react with some class 8 (corrosive) and class 5.1 (oxidizer) materials). Clay pellets (Kitty Litter) Perlite (volcanic glass rock) Polystyrene Foam pellets Wood wool Sorbent pads 3M P400 Sorbent

Note: Vermiculite is defined in this specification means the hydrous, silicate mineral classified as a Phyllosilicate that has been expanded by heating

9. Shipment Destination Other than BNL: The material ordered is to be shipped to other than the Buyer’s facilities. Copies of the data required in accordance with the procurement documentation shall accompany the shipment; in addition, one copy of such data shall be mailed to the Buyer on the same day that shipment is made.

10. Requirements when BSA is Paying Freight Charges Note: Do not ship with any additional insurance as BNL is self-insured and additional insurance charges will be deemed unallowable.

  • A.

    A copy of the freight bill must accompany the Seller’s invoice when charges are in the account of Brookhaven and in excess of $100.00.

  • B.

    All Regular Shipments Totaling 150 Pounds or Less: Use UPS Ground collect (first choice), using the BNL account or FedEx Ground collect (second choice) using the BNL account.

  • C.

    All Regular Shipments Totaling 150 Pounds or More:

    • 1.

      Local shipments within a 100 mile radius or in the Tri State area (PA, NJ, CT) use our local trucking company, South Shore Delivery (516) 810-0081.

    • 2.

      Shipments beyond a 100 mile radius use YRC, Inc.

    • 3.

      All other shipments outside New York State use one of the Following freight lines are listed in order of the best discounted Government rates:

Company Tender Number Telephone (Local) Telephone (District) YRC Inc. 2914 631-242-5201 800-830-6952 ABF 1560-G 631-243-0800 800-610-5544

  • D.

    All Urgent Air Shipments:

    • 1.

      Use FedEx Priority Collect, using BNL account or UPS Air Collect using BNL account. Use the necessary degree of urgency: Overnight, Two Day or Three Day Express Saver options are available.

    • 2.

      If shipment exceeds 150 pounds, contact the BNL Traffic Dept. at

      • (631)

        344-2300 or (631) 344-4336 for shipping instructions.

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