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Note: Do not ship with any additional insurance as BNL is self-insured and additional insurance charges will be deemed unallowable

11. Ocean Shipments: Foreign shipments transported via ocean freight must use the 10-2 REQUIREMENTS Form located at http://www.bnl.gov/ppm/linkable_files/pdf/TenTwoForm.pdf. The form must be completed by the supplier 72 hours before departure of the vessel. This form can be faxed to Interfreight Harmonized Logistics, Inc. at 516-371-6880 or emailed to tom@interfreight.net. A copy should be emailed to PPMTraffic@BNL.gov . Once the form is submitted to customs, an acceptance number will be provided. Freight will not be loaded onto a vessel without an acceptance number.

Special notice regarding 10-2 Form:

On July 9, 2013 US Customs and Border Protection will begin full enforcement of Importer Security Filing (ISF) and will assess liquidated damages for violations. Failure to submit the 10- 2 Form may result in fines from $5,000 up to $15,000. It is the Contractor’s responsibility to make sure Form 10-2 is submitted 72 hours prior to the vessel sailing. BSA shall withhold payment from the Contractor’s final invoice for any penalties incurred by BSA due to late or incorrect ISF filing by the Contractor. For more information go to h t t p : / / w w w . c b p . g o v / x p / c g o v / t r a d e / c a r g o _ s e c u r i t y / c a r r i e r s / s e c u r i t y _ f i l i n g / s f i _ c a r r i e r s _ l p . x m l

Shipping Receiving Contact Information:

General inquiries:


Specific inquiries:

Matt White Traffic Supervisor

631 344 2300 mwhite@bnl.gov

Eva Callister Senior Clerk 631 344 4336 eve@bnl.gov

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