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will be carefully designed to accurately assess student achievement in a language, and it

will be validated by a content expert. See Appendices J and K.

Throughout the class, students will use Web 2.0 technologies in the course for

assignments, communication and practice. Based on research, the implementation of

Web 2.0 applications such as podcasts, mp3s and authentic videos helps students develop

their speaking and listening skills (Anderson, 2007; O‘Bryan & Hegelheimer, 2007;

Abdous et al., 2009; Oxford, 2008; Alm, 2008; Sykes et al., 2008). In this study, the

projects in which students engage will involve these sorts of skill-getting activities. These

technologies require the learner to shift from information seeker to content producer. In

the course students produce authentic content for a ―real‖ audience (Ramaswami, 2008;

Soares, 2008). The audience is important as it motivates and values the work produced

by the students (Warschauer, 2006). Warschauer (2006) describes how a middle school

Spanish class from Howard Middle School in Maine ―authored, formatted and printed out

children‘s books in Spanish that were distributed via a humanitarian organization to

children living at the Guatemala City garbage dump.‖ (2006, p. 71) In this study the

authentic writing assignment promoted motivation and purpose based on the authentic

  • real‖ audience who received the assignment (Warschauer, 2006). Although the students

in the Web 2.0 enhanced course do not create material for an ―authentic‖ audience, they

do create materials for a quasi-authentic audience of their peers.

Students are required to complete six compositions in various creative formats.

These authentic formats include letters, travel guides, fables, newspaper articles,

interviews and diary entries. Students are given basic requirements and directions and

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