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The participants within the first days of class will be asked to complete the pretest. This is part of the course. The informed consent will be the first question on the pretest. Within the last week of the course the students will be asked to complete the posttest and the two surveys (one about classroom community & the other about Web 2.0 technologies). The posttest and both surveys will also have the first question as the informed consent. Students will select agree if the wish to have their results used in this research. The pre and posttest and both survey attachments do not currently include the informed consent as the first question due the inability to print from the course management system, Angel, and its security feature. On the pre and posttest and both surveys the first question is exactly what is on the informed consent form and the student selects 'I agree' or 'I disagree'. The pretest and posttest will take 30 minutes each and be a part of the course. The online interview and classroom community survey will each take 20 minutes and be an optional part of the course. The course instructor will be provided with email reminders to all students regardless of their participation in the study. These reminders will be sent via email by the course instructor as part of the course protocol for all assigned work. There will be no direct contact by the investigators. This will assist in ensuring confidentiality of all participants.

Class Records & Interview responses

Researchers will not have any identifiable information about their participants. The course instructor will not forward any names or identifiable information about the participants. The course instructor will not forward any results of participants who do not agree to the consent form to participate. The data will be encrypted on the college server and any printouts will be stored in a locked file cabinet. Everything will be destroyed after data analysis completion.

Justification for exempt status:

There is no foreseeable danger to participants in this research. All of the participants are adults over the age of 19. Names of each participant will be masked to protect identity and each participant will be assigned a number for identification. No reference to college attended or locations of the study will be mentioned. Data that may offer a clue to students' identity will be omitted. Participants will not be videotaped or audio taped. Participation in this study will be voluntary.

Describe participants:

Participants will be the students enrolled in the beginning & intermediate Spanish online courses. Students are accessed via a professor at the institution involved in the research. This professor was chosen because she is technology proficient. She was provided with a consent form which invited her to participate in the research.

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