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I would begin by first thanking Dr. Aleidine Moeller who not only served as my

supervisor but also encouraged and challenged me throughout my academic program. She

and the other faculty committee members, Dr. David Brooks, Dr. Ron Bonnstetter, Dr.

Carolyn Gascoigne, patiently have guided me through the doctoral and dissertation

process, never accepting less than my best efforts. I thank them all. They were always

available and pushed me to dig deeper. Metropolitan Community College has provided

me with the resources to be able to pursue my research throughout the last 5 years. A

special thank you to Dr. Mary Wise who gave me the opportunity and was supportive of

my endeavors. I would also like to thank and recognize Dr. Lori Lothringer who assisted

greatly in the organization and support of the dissertation and of me. I want to thank my

friends Alle Hitchcock and Anna Sitzman who allowed me to enter their classes and gave

me strength throughout the process. I would also like to express my deepest gratitude to

two of my best friends, my parents. They have stood by me, fed me and nurtured me to

be the independent individual I have become. They both have been a huge inspiration. I

also appreciate my grandparents who were so proud to have an aspiring ―doctor‖ in the

family. Lastly, Edvin, who probably thought I was crazy when I told him I was going

back to be a student but supported me throughout the process. I am truly blessed to have

each of these people and God in my life. It is because of everyone‘s support and

encouragement support that I have completed this journey.

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