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Enhanced communication

Many experiences related by participants involved the enhancement of a classroom

community through Web 2.0 tools. The following example from Participant 6 is

illustrative of the building of the student to student relationship: ―(we use it) so we can

get to know our classmates and communicate. I think the class would be more effective

and willing to participate and work with each other if we were familiar with each other.‖

Another participant explored the building of the relationship between student and

instructor which can be enhanced by using the Web 2.0 technologies. According to

Participant 2, ―Everything would be online with the option to chat with the professor if

you don‘t understand anything also technologies such as extra help and the option to use

websites because once you‘re actually in the real world you actually have the option to

use these resources.‖


The negative case analysis of networking was that it was a distraction from the

work at hand. One student described their negative network experience. ―YouTube was

an enhancement, but if I get on the computer to work and go to MySpace (a networking

site), I end up wasting time because I get distracted.‖ (P23) This was not a common

theme but did provide a potential negative aspect to networking as it relates to the use of

Web 2.0 technologies.

Communicate outside class

The words of Participant 7 aptly summarize this theme: ―(It is a) great way to

communicate outside class.‖

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