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This is supported by Ullrich et al. (2008) based on the micro-blogging study suggesting

that instructor interaction is crucial in Web 2.0 technology enhanced courses. These

technologies require educators to have a high level of involvement and actively

encourage productive and collaborative learning environments (Angeli, 2008). Most

participants reported positive experiences when they were using Web 2.0 technologies.

Janossy (2007) investigated attitudes of university students who made use of podcasting

and who took advantage of the resources. He reported they felt they understood and

retained course information better. In another study by Edirisingha et al. (2007) students

who utilized the technology were generally positive about the integration of the new

technology. These studies confirm the positive experiences described by students.

These student experiences were coded and combined into five descriptive themes.

Networking was one of the themes found in the student interviews. This theme as voiced

by students is also supported in the literature (Lantolf, 2000; Murray 2005; Cummings,

2007). O‘Hanlon (2007) suggests that the implementation of Web 2.0 technologies,

specifically social networking, is what students are using in their personal lives and that

this social setting breeds intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. Another theme describing

student experiences was the convenience of using these tools. Simonson et al. (2000),

Matthews, D. (1999), Harasim, L.M. (1990), and Berge, Z.L. (1997) describe online

learning and Web 2.0 tools as more convenient than traditional classroom learning

because of availability of materials and 24 hour access to learning. In a related study by

Smart & Cappel (2004) students reported flexibility and convenience of online learning

citing anytime access. Many of these tools students already use in their daily lives

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