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in the language. Both beginning and intermediate courses showed significant increases in

achievement. These findings are relevant in consideration of studies suggesting that the

implementation of specific Web 2.0 technologies enhances student learning and

collaboration (Selwyn, 2008; Safran et al., 2007; Freenhow et al., 2009; McGee & Diaz,

2007; Purushotma, 2006; Cormode & Krishnamurthy, 2008; Ullrich et al., 2008;

Kraemer, 2008; Dooly, 2007). Study findings via the Classroom Community Survey also

indicated participation in the Web 2.0 technology enhanced courses significantly helped

build a classroom community and connectedness amongst students. These results are

significant and correspond to the sociocognitive literature that states more learning occurs

in social interactions versus alone (Harasim, L.M., 1990; Slavin, R., 1983; Sharan, S.,

1980; Hackman, M.Z. & Walker, K.B., 1990).

Further results from the Classroom Community Survey showed the self-reported

level of learning remained the same in both Web 2.0 classes and non-Web 2.0 classes.

These results are interesting in view of findings that there was a significant difference in

posttest scores. Problems with self-reporting and self-evaluation have been studied.

Learners vary in their ability to gauge their learning progress and like to be able to have a

high level of control over their learning (Milheim & Martin, 1991). Learner control over

learning should be married with tools for the self-monitoring of progress (Williams,

1996). In Web 2.0 enhanced classes, self-monitoring of progress is important as often the

learning tools are not seen as ―tools‖ to the student using them but rather as a means of

diversion. This misperception of learning can attribute to the incorrect self- evaluation of

actual learning. There are multiple facets to consider when gauging student perceptions.

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