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issues associated with criterion and predictive validity, future studies might include a

longitudinal component, analyzing the relationship between student achievement in Web

2.0 technology enhanced courses and non-Web 2.0 enhanced courses. After having

looked at the first hand experiences of online Spanish students, it is also necessary to

study the first hand experiences of students in a face-to-face Spanish classroom as well as

use other classes in other disciplines in order to identify the student for whom these

technologies are most beneficial. The nature of these results may lead to different

recommendations than those found in this study. Student experiences could also provide

insights into the support necessary for those who struggle using Web 2.0 technologies. In

addition, we need to study the experiences of both K-12 teachers and college and

university instructors in regard to their use of Web 2.0 technologies. Continued research

on the level of facilitation by instructors in these courses should also be considered.

Further improvements to this study could include content experts being consulted

to improve course and assessment content thus enhancing content validity. To diminish

threats to external validity and to enhance the potential for generalizability, future studies

might involve coordinated research efforts with numerous educational institutions

exhibiting similar demographic and institutional characteristics. To enhance internal

validity, other researchers might consider revisions in methodology addressing issues of

evaluation apprehension, selection bias, and sample size. Future studies may focus on

history concerns by isolating differences associated within classes (e.g., faculty,

curriculum, and other intervening events) and establishing experimental controls

identifying the impact of these events.

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