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reference to it in scientific literature and because we suppose the results would be too much depended to the sample. Instead, we use the original scale, which had an Alpha van Cronbach (.70), what was already an acceptable tough not an extreme good result. In this sample, Neuroticism is correlated negatively to Extraversion (r = -.40, p < .0001) and to Conscientiousness (r = -.19, p < .001). Extraversion is correlated positively to Agreeableness (r = .30, p < .0001) and to Conscientiousness  (r = .25, p < .0001). Agreeableness is correlated positively to Conscientiousness (r = .23, p <. 0001).

Factor analysis Post Critical Believe Scale

In our study, we’ve examined the data for the presence of a two bipolar dimension (with the four subscales at the ends of the two dimension) of the PCB (the procedure: see Duriez et al., 2000) by mean of a Principal Components Analysis (PCA) with Varimaxrotation. We have found two factors. At the negative side of the first factor, we can situate the subscale External Critique and at the positive side the subscale Second Naivité. At the negative side of the second factor, we can situate the subscale Orthodoxy, and the subscale Relativism at the other side, the positive side. The Screetest (Cattell, 1966) pointed out a two-componential solution. This solution is difficult to compare to componential solutions of other samples. Therefore, we decided to do an orthogonal rotation (Varimax). The two-dimensional structure as well the four subscales, as described by Duriez et al. (2000) and by Duriez et al. (2001), has been found. The Eigenvalues of the two Varimax rotated factors are 6.44 and 5.10 and the proportion explained variation respectively 20% and 15% which results in a total proportion explained variation of .35.

Internal consistency of the PCB

The internal consistency (Cronbach‘s Alpha) of the four subscales of the PCB is .72, .78, .61 and .76 for respectively Orthodoxy, External Critique, Relativism and Second Naivité. Orthodoxy is correlated significant negatively to Relativism (r = -.45, p< .0001) and

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