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this measure is .83 [F (15, 900) = 4.12 and p = .0001], which means that there is a significant general effect of the four PCB-subscales on the five personality factors. It is a more conservative way of testing than using five simple ANOVAs together. In the latter, the total Type-I error would increase to [.

If we take the five personality factors as dependent variable and each of the four PCB-categories as independent variable and making some ANOVAs, we will find a significant effect of the PCB-subscales for the factors Openness to Experience, Conscientiousness, and Agreeableness. The F-statistics are respectively F (3, 330) = 8.70 [p = .0001]; F(3, 330) = 5.13 [p = .002] and F(3, 330) = 5.13 [p = .002] for Openness to Experience, Conscientiousness and Agreeableness. Finally, we’ll search for a significant effect of the PCB on the three factors between the four subscales by using post hoc the Tukey procedure. Using the factor Openness to Experience, we found, as mentioned in the hypothesis, that especially individuals, who are religious, and their faith is characterized by a strong symbolic interpretation (Relativism and Second Naivité), score high significant on Openness to Experience. This individuals are strong confident with them selves and are very curious toward new experiences. As expected, we find more high scores on the factor Agreeableness with individuals from the Relativism-group than with the individuals from the Orthodoxy- and the External Critique-group. However, the scores of the individuals from the Second Naivité-group are not higher than these from the Relativism-group. As expected, individuals from the Orthodoxy – and the Second Naivité-group score higher on the factor Conscientiousness than individuals from the External Critique-group. But in contrast with our hypothesis, they don’t score significant higher than individuals from the Relativism-group. As mentioned-above, there are no significant differences between the four subscales of the PCB for the personality factors Neuroticism and Extraversion.

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