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Data collection and reporting

As can be seen from the timelines above, in its Phase I HQT data collection, Arizona has collected HQT data at the classroom level for the 234 schools in Title I School Improvement in 2005-06.   Of these, 182 were elementary schools and 52 were secondary schools.  Arizona defines secondary schools as “those schools serving grades 9 through 12,” and elementary schools as “all other schools.”  In Phase II that collection was expanded to include all schools in all districts that had one or more schools in Title I School Improvement for 2005-06.  In Phases III and IV, this data collection will be expanded to all district and charter schools.  As part of the Phase III and beyond data collection, these designations will be revised to provide a separate category for “middle schools.”

A major goal of the Phase I and II data collections has been to increase the accuracy of data reported from district and charter schools under ADE’s new Highly Qualified Data Collection system.  In this process, reporting forms were pre-populated with teacher data drawn from the School District Employee Report filed by each district and cross referenced using Teacher Certification Records.  Thus district schools needed only to make revisions to the data rather than the former system which required the district to create and report new data and add missing data from their records every year.   Because Arizona charter schools are not required to complete the School District Employee Report and charter school teachers are not required to be state certified, it was not possible to pre-populate the forms sent to charter schools. However, many charter schools do require their teachers to be state certified; therefore, it is possible to cross-check their HQT reports with the certification database.  Beginning with Phase I, data from the reports can and will now be verified at ADE as they come in to the state, as well as through the continued monitoring processes in which state confirms data through on-site and desk audits.

In Phase III, data for all schools statewide for the 2006-07 school year will be returned to ADE by January 15, 2007, carefully reviewed by ADE and a full analysis submitted to USDE by March 1, 2007.  For years following, these reports will be received by ADE in October and the preliminary analysis provided to state stakeholders by December 31 and provided to USDE via the annual Consolidated Report as their timeline requires.

Analysis of classroom level data for 2005-06

Accurate HQT data is available at the classroom level for 2005-06 based on Phase I data which includes the 234 schools identified as in Title I School Improvement for the 2005-06 school year.  Of these 234 schools, 162 are district public schools and 72 are charter schools.  

In Arizona, district and charter schools are public schools governed by local education agencies.  Further charter schools are defined as public schools established by contract with a district Governing Board, the State Board of Education or the State Board for Charter Schools to provide learning that will improve pupil achievement.

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