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Non-HQ Elementary teachers teaching ESL/Bilingual, Special Education (all areas combined), Mathematics, Language Arts/reading, and Elementary Education - self contained;


In high poverty elementary schools, additional emphasis will be placed on science teachers;


Non-HQ secondary teachers teaching special education, mathematics, foreign languages, social studies and science;


Teachers in charter schools who do not hold bachelor’s degrees; and


Arizona has identified the HQ status of rural teachers as a area of potential concern pending Phase II and III data collection.

Arizona’s plan to assure all charter school teachers meet the HQ requirements regarding Bachelor’s degrees

Arizona’s rules and statutes governing charter schools do not require charter school teachers to hold state certification, nor is there a requirement designating a minimum level of educational attainment, as a requirement for employment as a teacher in an Arizona charter school.  In accordance with federal guidelines, the ADE is interpreting that all charter school teachers of core academic content must meet the HQ requirements under NCLB, other than the requirement for state certification.

Because charter schools have previously been exempted from state requirements on reporting and certification, Arizona’s first IT task has been to identify the number, location, educational, and HQ status of charter school teachers statewide.   As described in ADE’s HQ Data Collection project and timeline described in 1a above, this data will be available January 15, 2007 and provided to USDE on March 1, 2007.  In the meantime, as part of the Phase I data collection, information was solicited from the 74 charter schools that were identified as in Title I School Improvement for 2005-06.  That data is displayed in Table 4.

The data presented in this table has been self reported, as was the data collected from district schools prior to Phase I.   As such, it was not subject to the more rigorous procedures designed into the other Phase I data collection elements.  With those caveats in mind, it appears that more than 90% of charter school teachers hold Bachelor’s degrees or higher.  Additionally many teachers in charter schools hold full Arizona certification.  Assuring the remaining 10% of charter school teachers secure Bachelor’s degrees and assisting others in moving to HQ status is a priority focus of Arizona’s strategy to assure all students are taught by highly qualified teachers.   

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