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4b)Does the plan show how technical assistance from the SEA to help LEAs meet the 100 percent HQT goal will be targeted toward LEAs and schools that are not making AYP?

Technical assistance

ADE prioritizes technical assistance for schools that have not made AYP and are Title I.  Specific HQT technical assistance is then prioritized based on schools that have the greatest percent of classes taught by teachers who are not highly qualified or high percentages of inexperienced teachers.  Our communication strategies focus on superintendents, school leaders, and teachers to ensure they understand and can effectively and efficiently implement the HQT requirements.  ADE Highly Qualified Professionals Unit has developed and provided uniform reporting documents and has designed and implemented new web-based HQT data collection processes.  The analysis of accurate, high-quality HQT data will be used to prioritize technical assistance in determining specific professional development needs of non-HQ teachers in schools that have not made AYP or are high poverty.  

Technical assistance teams, comprised of education specialists representing all federal programs provide coordinated assistance for LEAs, schools, and teachers.  This assistance includes phone and email support, school improvement planning, resource allocation planning, and federal program guidance (including completing HQT requirements). The assistance teams also present at statewide conferences sponsored by Title II, Title I School and District Improvement, Early Childhood, Best Practices, and Special Education Units within ADE.  In addition, the teams collaborate with professional educational organizations, institutions of higher education, and other stakeholders such as the Arizona Education Association to ensure clarity around HQT priorities, strategies, and requirements.

Title I schools not making AYP will receive this assistance on a priority basis ahead of all other schools.  Below is a chart which describes specific technical assistance provided based on the year in of Title I School Improvement:

Table 10.  Technical assistance from the SEA to help LEAs and schools that are not making AYP  

Year in Title I Improvement

How ADE provides technical assistance for schools

Note:  Services from previous years are provided in each succeeding year



Provide Process Workshop:  

Timeline sample

Public notification components

Title I School Improvement consequences

Title II HQT requirements and consequences

Arizona School Improvement Plan (ASIP) template

Grant application

2.  Review public notification for AYP status

3.  Review timeline for alignment with steps to write/revise ASIP

4.  Review Title I School Improvement grant application

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