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    Continuous lab assessment

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      Actually performing practicals in the laboratory during the semester

Practical Examination: The Practical Examination shall consist of writing and performing an experiment / assignment and oral based on the syllabus as per the journal record. Duration of examination is three hours.

Title of the Subject: Computer Networks Course Code: MCA 207

Teaching Scheme: Lectures: 4 Hrs/Week

Examination Scheme: Theory Paper: 100 Marks (3 Hrs)


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    To train the students on basic principles of Computer Networks.

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    To learn the Networking concepts and methodologies.


Unit 1- Introduction:

(8 Hrs)

Overview of computer networks, Network hardware and software, Switches, routers, Reference model-OSI and TCP/IP and their comparison, Network layer – Network layer design issues, Various Routing algorithms and congestion control algorithms, Internetworking, The networking layer in the

internet and in ATM network.

Unit 2- Transport Layer:

(8 Hrs)

The Transport Service, Elements of Transport Protocols, Internet Transport Protocols, TCP and

UDP, ATM AAL layer protocols, Performance issues.

Unit 3- TCP/IP :

(8 Hrs)

The TCP/IP architecture, The Internet Protocols, Ipv6, User gram Protocol, DHCP and mobile IP,

Internet protocols, Multi cast routing.

Unit 4- The Application Layer:

(8 Hrs)

Network security – Principles of cryptography, Secret-key and Public-key algorithms, Authentication protocols, Digital scanners, Domain Name System –The DNS name space, Resource records, Name Servers, Simple Network Management Protocol – the SNMP model, Abstract syntax notation, Structure of management information, Managements information base, The SNMP protocol, Electronic mail- Architecture and services, The user agent, Message formants and message transfer, Email privacy, Usenet news, User view of Usenet Implementation.

Unit 5- Multimedia Information and Networking:

(8 Hrs)

Digital Representation of Analog Signals, Techniques for increasing compression, The Real-Time Transport Protocol, Session control protocols.

Text Books/Reference Books :

  • 1.

    Andrew S Tanenbaum, “Computer Networks”, Third Edition, Prentice HI

  • 2.

    Forozon , “Data Communication and Networking” , Tata McGraw Hill

  • 3.

    William Stallings, “Local and Metropolitan Area Networks”, 6/e, Pearson, ISBN-10:


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