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Title of the Subject: Linux Operating System Course Code: MCA 208

Teaching Scheme: Lectures: 4 Hrs/Week Practical: 2 Hrs/Week

Examination Scheme: Theory Paper: 100 Marks (3 Hrs) Practical Exam: 25 Marks Term Work: 25 Marks

Objectives –

  • -

    To train the students on basic principles of Linux Operating System.

Contents -

Unit 1: Introduction

(8 hrs)

History of Linux, Flavors of Linux, Architecture of Linux Operating System, Linux Vs Classic Unix operating system, obtaining the kernel source, installing kernel source, kernel source tree

Unit 2: Process Management

( 8 hrs)

The process Descriptor and task structure, Process state, Process creation, Process termination,

Policy, Process scheduling algorithms

Unit 3: File and Memory Management

( 8 hrs)

Buffer Cache – Buffer Header , Structure of Buffer pool, Scenarios for retrieval of buffer, reading and writing disk blocks, advantages and disadvantages of buffer cache Memory Management – pages, zones, kmalloc(), kfree() Internal Representation of Files – inodes, structure of regular files, directories, conversion of

pathname to an inode, superblock, inode assignment to new file

Unit 4:Commands and Utilities

( 8 hrs)

User login and session management commands, file system navigation and file management commands, communication commands, commands for working with text files, grep, awk, vi editor, File management system calls like read(), write(), open(), close(), create()

Unit 5: Shell Scripts and Configuration

( 8 hrs)

Writing simple shell scripts, command line arguments, logical operators, using if then else, case, for loop, while and until loop, Role of system administrator, configuring - Apache, DNS, Samba servers

Text Books/ Reference Books: 1.M.Becket.al: “Linux Kernel Programming”, 3rd

Edition Pearson Educations.

  • 2.

    Robert love: “Linux Kernel Development”, Pearson Education

  • 3.

    Sumitabha Das: “Unix concepts & applications”, TMH

Term Work: The term work shall consist of at least 10 experiments/ assignments based on the syllabus above. Assessment of term work should be done which will consider the points below and the marks should be awarded accordingly.

  • *

    Continuous lab assessment

    • *

      Actually performing practicals in the laboratory during the semester

Practical Examination: The Practical Examination shall consist of writing and performing an experiment / assignment and oral based on the syllabus as per the journal record. Duration of examination is three hours.

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