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Introduction to .NET framework, ASP.NET namespace hierarchy, Page life cycle, view state, postback, Ispostback property, HTML and Web Controls

Unit 2: Web Controls Text Box, Label, Button, Link Button, Hyperlink Button, Image Button, List Box, Drop DownList,

CheckBox, Radio Button, CheckBoxList, RadioButtonList, Panel

Unit 3: Validation Controls & Rich Controls






CustomValidator and ValidationSummary, Rich Controls – Calendar Control, AdRotator Control

Unit 4: ADO.NET Overview of ADO.NET, Advantages of ADO.NET, Connected and disconnected data access, Connection, Command, DataReader, DataAdapter, DataSet, DataTables DataGrid Control, DataList Control and Repeater Control

Unit 5: Passing Data between Pages & Web Services Cache, Session, Context, QueryString, Post, Global.asax , Introduction to web services

Reference Books:

  • 1.

    ASP.NET: Stephen Walther - Unleashed.

  • 2.

    Asp. Net: The Complete Reference: TATA Mc GRAW HILL

Term Work: The term work shall consist of The term work shall consist of at least 5 experiments based on the syllabus above and a mini project.

Assessment of term work should be done which will consider the points below and the marks should be awarded accordingly.

  • Continuous lab assessment

  • Actually performing practicals in the laboratory during the semester

  • Mini project developed by the student

Practical Examination: The Practical Examination shall consist of writing and performing an experiment / assignment and oral based on the syllabus as per the journal record and the mini project. Duration of examination is three hours.

Mini Project (Compulsory):

Guidelines for Mini Project:

  • -

    Allow minimum 2 to maximum 4 students per mini project group

  • -

    Take the topic from students in first 15 days from the start of the semester.

  • -

    Follow Software Development Life Cycle Phase for mini project development.

Mini Project shall follow the steps below:

  • 1.

    Define the problem with specifications

  • 2.

    Define the functionality of the project

  • 3.

    Design a solution for the project

  • 4.

    Implement the solution.

( Also Keep a record of total number of man hours spent for the mini project.) 5. Present and evaluate the project.

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