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Term Work: The term work shall consist of at least 10 experiments/ assignments based on the syllabus above. Assessment of term work should be done which will consider the points below and the marks should be awarded accordingly.

  • *

    Continuous lab assessment

    • *

      Actually performing practicals in the laboratory during the semester

Practical Examination: The Practical Examination shall consist of writing and performing an experiment / assignment and oral based on the syllabus as per the journal record. Duration of examination is three hours.

Suggestive List of Experiments:

  • 1.

    Study of Testing tools

  • 2.

    Introduction to Win runner

  • 3.

    Recording test in analog and context sensitive mode

  • 4.

    Synchronizing test

  • 5.

    Checking GUI Objects

  • 6.

    Checking Bitmap Objects

  • 7.

    Programming test with TSL

  • 8.

    Creating data driven test

  • 9.

    Maintaining test script

  • 10.

    Project (Creating test report)

Title of the Subject: Professional Ethics and Cyber Security Course Code: MCA 302

Teaching Scheme: Lectures: 4 Hrs/Week Practical : 2 Hrs/Week

Examination Scheme: Theory Paper: 100 Marks (3 Hrs) Practical Exam: 25 Marks Term Work: 25 Marks


  • -

    To make students familiar with the fundamental concepts of computer ethics

  • -

    To know the linkage between computer, professional , philosophical ethics and decision


  • -

    To develop the concepts in computer forensics

  • -

    To give emphasis on how cyber security operations are carried out

  • -

    To introduce the linkage between technology, law and ethics

CONTENTS Unit 1- Computer ethics and philosophical ethics:

(08 Hrs)

Vacuum of policies, conceptual muddles, social context, moral and legal issues, uniqueness of ethical issues, role of analogy, descriptive and normative claims, ethical relativism, utilitarianism, other theories

Professional Ethics:

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