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The Practical Examination shall consist of writing and performing an experiment / assignment and oral based on the syllabus as per the journal record. Duration of examination is three hours.

Title of the Subject: Business Processes Course Code: MCA 303

Teaching Scheme: Lectures: 4hrs/week

Examination Scheme: Theory Paper: 100 Marks (03 hrs)


  • -

    To study concepts of Business Process

  • -

    To enable students to understand various types of processes involved in Business

  • -

    To know the linkage between the technology and the actual processes used in Business



(8 hrs)

Business Process: Overview, History – Adam Smith and Other definitions. Supporting Theories and Concepts - Division of Labor, Span of Control, Departmentalization by

Process and Purpose, Information Management Concepts Business Architecture: Overview, Business Architecture Topics

  • Different view of an

organization, Disciplined Approach, Business Strategy. Frameworks for Business Architecture – Zachman Framework, The Object Management Group, The Open Group, eXtended Business

Modeling Language, Industry Reference Models

Unit- 2:

(8 hrs)

Business Process Management: Overview, BPM Life-cycle - Design, Modeling, Execution, Monitoring, Optimization. Practice - BPM Technology. Use of Software

Business Process Automation: Delivery – Extension of Existing IT Systems, Purchase of a Specialist BPA tool, Purchase of a Business Process Management Solution with BPA Extensions, Purchase of a Middleware Solution. BPA vs BPM, The Role of Service-Oriented

Architecture (SOA) with respect to BPA

Unit -3:

(8 hrs)

Business Process Reengineering: Basic Concepts, Need for BPR, Principles of BPR, Role of

IT, BPR and restructuring the organization Business Process Mapping: Early History, Recent Developments

Unit -4:

(8 hrs)

Business Process Execution: Overview, History, Business Process Execution Language Topics

  • BPEL Design Goals, The BPEL Languages, Relationship of BPEL to BPMN, Adding

'Programming in the Small' Support to BPEL, WS- BPEL

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO): Benefits and limitations of outsourcing the processes, offshore and nearshore outsourcing, industry size, risks involved

Unit -5:

(8 hrs)

Business Management Strategy- Six Sigma: Historical Overview, Origin and Meaning of the Term "Six Sigma Process", Role of the 1.5 Sigma Shift, Sigma Levels. Methods- DMAIC, DMADV. Implementation Roles, Quality Management Tools and Methodologies used in Six

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