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    Programs Wireless Markup Language

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    Writing and formatting of text in WML

  • 4.

    Navigation between cards and deck

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    Displaying of Image using WML

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    Table properties of WML

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    Methods of acquiring user inputs in WML

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    WML scripts basics

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    If – else structure of WML script

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    Assignment on latest Open Source Operating Systems for Mobile

Title of the Subject: (ii) Multimedia Systems (Elective I) Course Code: MCA 304

Teaching Scheme: Lectures: 4 Hrs/Week Practical : 2 Hrs/Week

Examination Scheme: Theory Paper: 100 Marks (3 Hrs) Practical Exam: 25 Marks Term Work: 25 Marks


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    To introduce to the students the characteristics and design methodologies of Multimedia

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    To focus on content creation for the web and multimedia

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    To expose students to theoretical and fundamental concepts of multimedia, its applications and the techniques involved.

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    To help students learn the issues involved in capturing, processing, manipulating, storing, and retrieving various kinds of continuous media.

Unit 1

(8 hrs)

Evolution of Multimedia and its objects, Multimedia System Architecture , Scope of multimedia in business & work, Production and planning of Multimedia applications. Multimedia hardware, Memory & Storage Devices, Communication Devices, Multimedia Software,

Unit 2

(8 hrs)

Types of Compression, Binary Image Compression Schemes, Color, Gray Scale and Still- Video Image Compression, Lossy graphic compression , Video Image Compression, Rich-Text Format, Resource Interchange File Format, MIDI Files Format, JPEG DIB File, Format and

Motion Image, MPEG Standards. Unit 3

(8 hrs)

Macromedia products, Basic drawing techniques, Advance animation techniques, Creating multi layer combining interactivity and multiple scenes, Creating transparency effects using text in

Flash, Flash animation. Unit 4

(8 hrs)

Digital Audio Concepts, Sampling variables, Loss Less compression of sound, Lossy

compression & Silence compression. Unit 5

(8 hrs)

Multimedia Input and Output Devices, Pen Input, Video and Image Display Systems, Print Output Technologies, Image Scanners, Digital Voice and Video, Video Images and Animation, Full-Motion Video.

Text/Reference Books:

  • 1.

    Prabhat K. Andleigh, Kiran Thakur, “Multimedia System Design”, PHI.

  • 2.

    Buford, “Multimedia Systems”, Addison Wesley.

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