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Suggestive List of Experiments:

  • 1.

    Installation of Linux

  • 2.

    Use of various commands

  • 3.

    Use of Text Processing Tools : grep, cut,

  • 4.

    User and Group Creation

  • 5.

    Back up using tar

  • 6.

    Installation using RPM

  • 7.

    C/C++ program using cc / gcc

  • 8.

    Configuring Apache

  • 9.

    PHP script for sorting the marks

  • 10.

    PHP scripts for other tasks

  • 11.

    MySQL Installation , Configuration and Testing

  • 12.

    Design of admission form using PHP – MYSQL

Title of the Subject: Seminar Course Code: MCA 306

Teaching Scheme: Practical: 2 hrs /week

Examination Scheme: Term Work: 50 Marks

  • Seminar is to be independently delivered by each candidate.

  • The topic selected should be associated with current trends in Computer field.

  • A report is to be submitted before the presentation. There should be unified format for the report which is to be given by the department. Presentation must be done using PPTs.

  • The seminar presentation and the report is to be evaluated by two examiners of the Department.

Title of the Subject: Dissertation Course Code: MCA 307

Teaching Scheme: Practical: 8 hrs/week

Examination Scheme: Practical Exam: 150 Marks Term Work: 50 Marks

The candidate should complete the project work individually. The project can be done within the institute or it can be sponsored and performed in an industry The performance Analysis chapter should consist of various testing methods used along with sample test cases. It should also include how better the system is performing as compared to other similar systems.

  • 1.

    The guide should be internal examiner for oral examination.

  • 2.

    The external examiner should be from the related area of the concerned project. He should have minimum of five years of experience at degree level / industry.

  • 3.

    The evaluations at final oral examination should be done jointly by the internal and external examiner.

The final examination will consist of the demonstration of work which will be judged by two examiners (one internal and one external) and the marks will be given accordingly.

The suggestive format of the report is as follows: ( Only one report should be submitted per group as a part of term work submission. )

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